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Expanding Your Marketing Reach Has Never Been Easier .."

Many internet marketing experts believe that the next wave of Internet marketing will be conducted through the mobile device. A large percentage of the global population already use their mobile phones as their primary or secondary means to surf the web, check emails on the go and engage on social media marketing platforms. Worldwide, 30 countries exceed the 100% mobile device to population ratio – making this a vital platform for businesses who want to engage with clients.

Why Clients Need an Integrated Approach

Today, the Internet isn’t just a computer-specific tool. Accessing the Internet via PDA’s, Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets has become common practice. Not only is mobile connectivity cheaper for cell phone users, but it can also be cheaper for marketers. Business owners can no longer ignore the importance of these platforms if they want to succeed with their Internet Marketing Plan .

WSI Mobile Marketing Strategies Consist of the Following:

Mobile Web: Normal websites (that you would access from your desktop) aren’t always compatible when accessed from a mobile phone – they take too long to load and their screen sizes don’t match the sizes of a conventional web page. If a customer accesses a site that takes more than a few seconds to load (and requires excessive scrolling), they might get frustrated and try the next website that pops up in their search results.

60% of the world’s population is mobile subscribers, which is why it is equally important to have a mobile website. The increased sales of Smartphones, coupled with the increased number of people that access websites via their cell phones, has lead to the need for mobile friendly applications and content. A mobile version of your website is basically an extension or sub domain of your existing website (such as or

Mobile Search: When Internet users search online through their computers, the majority of them don’t go beyond the first page of results.  When you consider the size difference between the screen of a computer and a mobile device you can imagine how that number of search results being viewed decreases with a mobile user.  With geo-targeting and location tracking being such an intrinsic part of the mobile marketing world, it means that it is even more important for your web properties to be optimized for local search so they come up as high as possible when a mobile user does a search on their device.  This, coupled with the ability to target internet marketing campaigns based on the mobile user’s location (through geo-targeting); provide businesses with a new and more relevant means of pushing their marketing messages to the consumer population.

Mobile Advertising: When we are talking about internet marketing to mobile users there are a number of different strategies that you can get involved with.  Below we have highlighted the main services we offer under mobile advertising.

  • Multi Media Messaging (MMS): Send timely, relevant messages to a client’s database about products, launches, specials and new developments. Instead of launching a TV or radio advertisement, clients can get all the benefits of providing their potential customers with animation, sound and visuals by sending them a personal MMS.

  • Text Messaging or SMS: Not all customers respond to MMS’s. US-based Experian marketing services estimates that the number of SMS users is currently 1.8-billion – twice the amount of active email users. According to research in 2008, the average American sent over 350 text messages per month. WSI streamlines your Digital marketing plan with mobile marketing by incorporating test messaging to reach a wider range of clients.

  • Mobile Ads on Websites: Ads on mobile websites are similar to the ads you would find on search engines or existing websites, but they are specifically fine-tuned for the screens of mobile phones. In the same way that one would use search advertising , one would use paid mobile ads geared at mobile customers. 

  • QR Codes: QR (aka Quick Response) Codes are mobile barcodes that allow mobile users to browse your website. QR Codes allow the content on a page to be derived at a high speed. These codes are often used by Smartphone users to store data such as URLs and website addresses. Mobile phone users can generate, print or scan their QR codes for others, and these codes can link them to a website, email or test message.

Mobile Apps: If you have a Smartphone then you will be very familiar with mobile apps and how they can enhance the mobile experience for a user. Businesses are looking at how they can leverage this aspect of mobile marketing to further engage their consumer with their brand. Mobile apps do require software development and platform compatibility must also be considered.  As a result, the cost to produce a mobile app can be on the expensive side, especially for a small or medium sized business.  But if the mobile app leads to an increase in brand engagement and loyalty it can be worth the investment.

Reaching More People with a WSI Mobile Marketing Plan

Mobile marketing isn’t a buzz word or a gimmick – it is the next wave of internet marketing. The success of your mobile marketing plan relies on your WSI Consultant giving you an integrated, fully-functional platform that enables you to reach as many clients and potential customers as possible. Streamline your Digital marketing plan with a WSI Mobile Marketing plan.

For more information on how to you can get started with Mobile marketing contact a WSI Internet Consultant today.

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